Raw Brit

Saturday 05 August



“”If you remember the ’60 and ’70’s .. you weren’’t there”” was never a true evaluation for the four members of Melbourne band ‘Raw Brit’. “If you were there, how could you have missed the greatest time in music history?’ infers lead singer Mick Pealing. “Britain created some of the most influential artists .. and if you MISSED it, you weren’t there’! In the swinging 60’s, Britain (and the world) was undergoing a meaningful cultural change. Such an awakening had not been seen in modern society and the historicalsignificance of this period is well documented in music. The percolating effect to Australian musicians was very noticeable. Guitarist Bob Spencer who attributes his virtuoso rock-blues style to Paul Kossoff of ‘Free’, muses: “if I’d have known how important British music was going to be to me, I would have held more allegiance to the Queen and spoke with a Cockney accent’. Anger, anti-establishment and an unbridled mistrust of authority, fuelled a need for a voice and it was through music that best expressed these feelings. “It was the seminal sound for all those wanna-be popstars of today .. and sadly, they probably don’t even know it” admits bass player John Favaro.

The ’60’s and ’70’s enforced a new essence with the intent of making a direct connection to a displaced youth. Created out of adversity with a necessity for a social change .. the corner was turned. “every pimple and every hormone in my body got excited when I heard the first few bars of ‘Substitut’e by The Who” says drummer Peter ‘Maz’ Maslen.

Raw Brit has played the music they love with a healthy respectful irreverence to excited sell-out audiences around Melbourne for 3 years. This is more than obvious when you witness the band live and in action.

Mick Pealing: (Stars, The Ideals)
Bob Spencer: (Skyhooks, The Angels)
John Favaro: (The Badloves, The Undertow)
Peter ‘Maz’ Maslen: (Boom Crash Opera, The Undertow



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Doors Open:
Raw Brit: 8.40pm
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