Ticketing Information

Pre Sale Tickets

Most shows are pre sold through the Satellite Lounge website www.satellitelounge.com.au. Tickets can be printed out at time of purchase and should be taken to the show to be checked at the door. Alternatively, your booking confirmation can be shown via your smartphone. Bookings for shows can also be made on a limited basis through the venue on 0402 306 141. Please note that this is not our preferred method of booking and that a $6.00 service fee per transaction will be charged for any pre sales facilitated directly by staff. Tickets can also be purchased at the door on the day/night of the show (if still available).

Allocated Seating Tickets

For performances where there is an allocated seating component you can book online through the Satellite Lounge website www.satellitelounge.com.au. The allocation of tables and chairs will be on a first come first served basis, i.e. those that book first will get tables closest to the stage. Therefore you are encouraged to book early to obtain the best position. On arrival at the venue you will be allocated a table number once you present your ticket at the door.
A Reserve & B Reserve Seating
For some shows we offer a 2 tiered pricing structure for allocated seats, billed as A Reserve and B Reserve seating. The A Reserve seats will be situated at the front of the room closest to the stage and in front of the mixing desk. The B Reserve seats will be situated behind the A Reserve section and will be offered at a discount price (usually $5 – $10 cheaper).

Standing Area Tickets

Standing area tickets grant you right of entry into the venue, but do not guarantee you a seat. There will be occasions where seating may be available to standing area ticket purchasers. However, if you want a guaranteed seat at a show you must select the allocated seating option (if available) when purchasing tickets.

Refunds Policy

We ask that you carefully choose the show (and day/night) you are booking tickets for as there are no refunds or ticket exchanges available once payment has been made unless a show is postponed or cancelled. In this instance we will notify you via phone and/or email and you will receive a refund promptly. Please note that refunds will not be given for tickets in the instance of non attendance.

Ticketing Queries

Please note that all ticketing queries should be directed to info@satellitelounge.com.au or 0402 306 141.

Full Ticketing Terms & Conditions are located here