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Welcome to the Satellite Lounge….

Beaming live entertainment into your suburb!

Once upon a time, every Melbourne suburb had a hotel with live music. It was a way of life: you watched Countdown, listened to the radio, and headed off to the pub with your friends to see Australia’s best bands. Live music has always been one of life’s great pleasures, with the exhilaration of the crowd dancing and singing along.

Times have changed, and you now have to go into the city (mostly) to get your fix of live music. It’s not just a thing you can do on a whim, with taxi fares and parking costs adding up very quickly, not to mention standing up for hours trying to get a decent viewing position……Well now you have another choice … and it’s much closer to home!

The Satellite Lounge opened in August 2016 and promises patrons an experience above and beyond the expectations of normal “pub” style entertainment. The venue offers an exciting and diverse program of live entertainment playing host to a wide variety of music including high profile local and international artists, the best up and coming acts as well as outstanding tribute shows. Industry stalwart Mark Burchett (Flying Saucer Club) is behind the entertainment. Having many years of experience in running venues and promoting live music, Mark knows what makes a great night out! SEE WHAT’s COMING UP @ SATELLITE LOUNGE


PH: 0402 306 141