Australian Bon Jovi Show

Saturday 08 July


The Australian Bon Jovi Show is dedicated to bringing you a pure live and authentic 80’s Bon Jovi experience including a modern show experience. From the hair to the amazing rock star costumes originally worn by Bon Jovi at the pinnacle of their career in the 80’s to the sound both vocally and musically, but also a more modern concept. It is a full production gob smacking Bon Jovi experience which will leave you thinking “is it real?”. Careful attention has been undertaken to ensure that even the diehard Bon Jovi fans will not be disappointed. This show is as close as it gets to the real thing, only travelling back in time could precede it. “Satisfaction is guaranteed”. We love Jovi as much as you do, “We’ll rock ya socks off”! After the illegal cloning of Jon Bongiovi, it was way, way, way too inhumane to destroy this fine better looking specimen, thus he was called Ben Jovi and was released into the wild. Soon after scaling Mt Everest and making his way back into civilization, he joined the tribute band scene and has never looked back.

Peter Montalto, after flying for 24hrs straight between gigs in his private jet, ran out of petrol over Mt Everest. Luckily he survived due to his excellent repertoire of jet maneuvers. Stumbling through the dense wilderness with pearl kit in hand, happened upon Ben Jovi and thus “Australian Bon Jovi Show” was born. Peter also holds the world record for “fastest downhill on a drum kit doing triplets”

Jimmy Samson has achieved many accolades in his incredible career. His stunning smile and chiseled torso has mesmerized female punters around the globe. He is best known for his leading roll in “Indiana Jones and the temple of guitars” and movie of the year, “Debbie does the guitarist”. After dominating the big screen, Jimmy hung up his rack and returned to what he does best, rock’in out.

Damien Montalto was born conjoined with a Hammond at birth. He enjoyed playing with his twin (who looked slightly different) and they knew each other inside and out. The day finally arrived when they were separated, you could see Hammond’s pearly ivories from a mile away. Although now separated in body, they are never apart. Favourite tunes together include chop sticks.

Sammy Such after receiving four Grammy nominations for shows such as “Everybody loves bassists”, “Return of the bassist” and the documentary “What do you need 6 strings for”. decided to enter back into the music scene. In his spare time he enjoys having long hot baths with his bass (unplugged).

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The band are:
Ben Jovi – Jon Bongiovi
Jimmy Samson – Richie Sambora
Sammy Such – Alec John Such
Damien Montalto – David Bryan
Peter Montalto – Tico Torres

Tickets from $22 + bf
  • Ticket Pricing
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    Allocated Seating $32+bf
  • General Admission $22 + bf
  • At the Door $25
Doors Open:
Australian Bon Jovi Show: 8.40pm
Dance floor setup